What to wear in Wadi Rum & what clothes should I bring ?

 What to wear in Wadi Rum & what clothes should I bring ?

In general , Something comfortable that allows you to sit on the ground, ride a camel, go hiking, climbing, etc. Remember that clothing is the best sun protection and bring good walking shoes/trekking sandals with socks!
Clothes: You can wear almost anything that will let you sit on the ground, ride a camel or scramble into a jeep. We do ask ladies not to wear anything too skimpy when they are in the village (halter necks, short shorts, etc). When you are out in the desert then it doesn't matter because we are used to just about anything! But please do keep a tee shirt available for the village.
Shoes: Unless you are doing a heavy scrambling program, you do not need boots for the hiking programs. Trainers or good walking shoes, even sneakers are fine. Socks are a good idea, though. Trekking sandals are very good, especially in warm/hot weather. The models with closed toes are best.
*** In Spring & Summer ( 15th March - 15th October )  : 
-It is very hot during the day , it is recommended to wear light clothes and covers your body & shoulders ..etc , this is to avoid the hot sun ..
- Summer Scarves is very important 
-Please bring your sunglasses 
- Hat
- Sport  clothing is recommended (Sports trousers & shorts ..etc)
- Hiking & sport shoes (Flexible shoes for scrambling) is recommended 
- Sun Cream should be very important 
-During the night at Summer , the weather sometimes become a little bit cold , so, it is recommended to bring light jackets or sweaters ..
*** In Winter ( 15th October -  15th March )  : 
-It becomes very clod during the day and so clod at night , so please bring your heavy jackets and sweaters 
- Sport  clothing is recommended (long & heavy Sports trousers ..etc)
- Hiking & sport shoes is recommended 
- During the night it very clod too and you should have heavy clothes and jackets 
- In Winter , it rarely rains ... but sometimes , in case , please bring your rainy clothes


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