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Are you looking for a camp to stay in Wadi Rum at comfortable with clean tents & doing tours :  by jeep , riding & trekking camel tours , hiking through the desert , Mountains Scrambling (Jabal Al Hash , Um Al Dami or Burdah) , Enjoy a Baloon ride morning , horse riding and other possible tours with all kinds of meals to be provided ? 


Our Camp from the top  One of our tents 


We welcome you to Beyond Wadi Rum Camp, a Beoduin family-run camp, located in the Little Bridge Area .


Little Bridge Area where our Camp is


Beyond Wadi Rum Camp is run by a Beduin Family by Zalabiah Family , with a team of 6 brothers : Salman , Odah , Salem , Mohammad and others . All are working as one team to make sure that you are in the right way for Wadi Rum tour & real Bedouin Experience .

Beyond Wadi Rum Camp staff & team were being involved in tourism since they were at teenage & knows every single site in Wadi Rum & every rock of Wadi Rum ! 

Salman  Salman & some of his brothers


We look forward to welcome & see you in Jordan & Wadi Rum .




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