Food: What will I be eating?

Food: What will I be eating?

Breakfast is usually:  Zattar (Bread dipped in olive oil then dipped into a herb mixture), very good for your digestion! See if you can guess which herb it is?….We also serve assorted jams, eggs and cheese etc.
 Lunch:  We serve: Bread, hummus, salad, labaneh (greek yogurt), tuna, fooul (boiled fava beans with spices), eggs, and various hot dishes. For example eggs with tomatoes. Every lunch is a little bit different and always full of flavour.
 Dinner:  The nighttime meal is sacred in our culture and is sure to be your favourite part of the day, we will prepare for you a traditional Bedouin dish.
For example: The Zarb, the traditional Bedouin meal cooked in something like an oven under the sand.
Bedouin Barbecue cooked in the fire with rice and vegetables.
Magloub (my personal favourite), a traditional dish compromised of rice, potatoes, aubergine and chicken all cooked together.
Mansaff, another traditional dish of chicken and rice cooked with yogurt.
With advance notice we can do our best to cater for special diets.
Please note that you can bring your favorite food and if you have any food that with restrictions ...etc


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